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Know your strengths. Find your weaknesses.  Our Selling Skills system helps you quantify and improve the skills needed to execute a successful customer focused and consultative approach to selling, manage a high-performing sales organization, assess the areas of strength and weakness within your organization, and then train your sales forces to master those skills to achieve better sales results.

The Selling Skills Assessment Tool (SSAT) provides the specific data you need to increase the sales production and customer interaction skills of your whole team by giving you an objective look at people’s strengths, skills, and areas for improvement.  It provides a detailed, accurate quantification of the sales and judgement skills of individuals, teams and the company as a whole, and is designed for multiple sales positions and industries to mirror your specific situation.

Measure your skills:   Selling Skills Assessment Tool

Download PDF: The Selling Skills Assessment Tool © (SSAT)

This easy-to-administer online survey examines 25 key aspects of selling skills clustered into five areas. The SSAT gives participants insight into their sales strengths and areas of growth to increase their overall effectiveness. The SSAT reports give sales managers important metrics at three levels: individual contributor, sales team and sales organization.

The SSAT measures the five critical skills for a customer-focused and consultative approach to selling:

  • Building trust and credibility
  • Identifying client needs
  • Presenting products/services + articulating value
  • Handling objections and gaining agreement
  • Creating customers for life with effective positioning


Build your skills:  Customer-Focused Selling

To build selling skills, strategies and capabilities, The Predictive Index (PI) offers Customer-Focused Selling (CFS), a proven method of building capabilities in assessing the needs of prospects and clients, articulating your message in the best way to be heard, dealing with any concerns or resistance, and gaining agreement.  CFS is an effective sales training program that provides all the core competencies needed for effective consultative selling, based on the areas of improvement identified by the SSAT.

In a highly interactive learning format, CFS delivers the specific knowledge your team needs to consistently achieve better sales results. Participants leave the workshop ready to apply new skills to their everyday interactions with customers and prospects. CFS is available in one and two day formats.

For larger sales forces, CFS is available in a comprehensive, certified, Train-the-Trainer format which brings delivery and reinforcement back to your organization, and customizes the training to reflect your specific business environment.

Expand your leadership impact:  CFS Sales Coaching

Your sales managers are the critical leverage point for achieving consistent long-term sales improvement.  Coaching is a sales management skill that is critical to the ongoing development of your sales reps.   While CFS teaches your people how to sell better, our coaching programs — Coaching for Sales Growth and Coaching to Excellence — give sales managers the skills to drive day-to-day performance, quarter after quarter.  Many sales organizations have a typical bell curve:  a small group of top producers, a small group of lower performers, and a larger group of adequate producers who have not reached their potential.

Our two innovative and comprehensive sales coaching programs give managers the skills to work with every sales professional along this continuum for improved performance.

PI Fundamentals- What Drives People?

Download PDF: PI Fundamentals- What Drives People?

This workshop gives your employees the tools and insights they need to develop increased self-awareness and a thorough understanding of what motivates their day-to-day behaviors.

In addition to comprehending their own behavioral style, an expert PI facilitator will help them better understand their co-workers and celebrate differences, and appreciate the drives involved in a number of critical workplace behaviors.

This workshop will allow your employees to:

  • Demystify workplace behaviors
  • Leverage a common language built on objectivity and behavioral understanding.
  • Understand why people have different work preferences and styles
  • Reference a comprehensive inventory of workplace needs and behaviors
  • Create a detailed Personal Action Plan
  • Understand and celebrate behavioral differences

This fast-paced workshop provides participants with insights and tools to help them decode employee drives, understand their motivating needs, and consider how these play out in the workplace. The lesson provides an introductory course in all things PI, with the essentials to get your team started.

This workshop is intended for employees at any level inside a PI client organization.  It provides a solid foundation and serves as prerequisite learning for employees who wish to continue their PI learning journey in additional workshops.

Attracting & Selecting Top Performers- Hiring With PI

Download PDF: Attracting & Selecting Top Performers- Hiring With PI

This informative workshop provides insights and tools to help employers decode candidate drives, understand their needs, and consider how these play out in the workplace. Attracting and selecting the best people is critical to the success of every organization, and this workshop will prepare recruiters and hiring managers for the challenge.

Participants will leave the course with:

  • A completed Job Assessment for a specific job in your organization
  • A template for identifying key workforce behaviors
  • A Hiring Scorecard to effectively evaluate a candidate
  • A tailored Onboarding Strategy Plan

Use PI data and insights for each phase of hiring with the DASH Hiring Method™

DEFINE:  Describe the job tasks and the ideal candidate.

ATTRACT: C raft advertisements and plan interview conversations using descriptions that will appeal to the ideal candidate.

SELECT:  Use behavioral assessments in the hiring process to minimize time-to-hire and maximizing job fit.

HIRE:  Hire new employees with a customized onboarding strategy to make them feel comfortable and up to speed quickly.

This fast-paced workshop gives participants hands-on tools to that help them utilize PI Assessment insights during each phase of the hiring process. Participants work through a diverse set of learning activities including personal reflection exercises, group discussions, and hands-on software practice.

Ideal candidates for this workshop are talent acquisition professionals, recruiters and hiring managers who are responsible to attract, interview, hire and onboard candidates.  Anyone who has the responsibility of attracting and selecting top performers or advising others who do- should strongly consider attending this workshop.

The Attracting and Selecting workshop begins with the half-day What Drives People? as an introduction.

Managing People To Perform- Managing With PI

Download PDF: Managing People To Perform- Managing With PI

This workshop gives participants the tools they need to develop increased self-awareness and a thorough understanding of what drives their day-to-day management behaviors.  In addition to securing a firm grasp of their own management styles, an expert PI facilitator will help them identify the behavioral styles of their direct reports.

Participants will leave the workshop with:

  • An “at-a-glance” team summary of behavioral styles
  • A Manager’s Scorecard that highlights gaps in management techniques that may inhibit employee performance
  • A detailed Personal Action Plan

 Gain scientific insights into how each team member:

  • Communicates
  • Delegates
  • Problem solves
  • Makes decisions
  • Responds to pressure
  • Adapts to change
  • Takes action + ownership
  • Listens and influences
  • Takes risks

This fast-paced workshop includes a diverse set of learning and development activities including a case study, personal reflection exercises, group discussions, and the creation of detailed action plans.

Front-line managers, supervisors, and directors responsible for maximizing the business performance of their teams will benefit from this workshop. In addition, anyone who has the responsibility of directing employee efforts – or advising others who do – should strongly consider attending.

The Managing People to Perform workshop begins with What Drives People? as an introduction.

Becoming a PI Practitioner

Download PDF: Becoming a PI Practitioner

Are you using the full power of PI?  People are behind the success or failure of all business objectives.  This workshop gives you the hands-on training needed to realize the people problems standing between you and your business objectives. Poor performance, mismanagement, low productivity, high turnover, low engagement – all of these issues can be addressed through the effective application of PI’s human capital management methodology in your business.

Learn a simple methodology that helps you understand your people so they can take you where you want to go. In this workshop, you will:

  • Identify a set of business challenges, uncover associated people issues, and create goals to fix them
  • Learn strategies that directly impact your challenges through the use of PI tools and workforce assessment software
  • Leave with an action plan to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals

This workshop will teach you how to leverage our Require, Hire, Inspire™ framework so you can accurately define the true requirements of specific roles, hire top performers who naturally have what it takes to deliver on your business plan, and keep them engaged and inspired through the use of PI across the entire employee life cycle.

This comprehensive workshop includes a diverse set of learning and development activities including case studies, sample job assessments, personal reflection exercises, group discussions, and the creation of detailed action plans.

Who should attend?

  • Executives or managers responsible for business strategy, planning, and success
  • HR professionals who will serve as the PI expert and advisor in their organization
  • Any employee continuing their PI learning journey after attending another PI workshop
  • Anyone looking to use PI to address their day-to-day business challenges

The Becoming a PI Practitioner workshop includes materials from the What Drives People? and Managing People to Perform workshops as an introduction to The Predictive Index Solution ©, leaving attendees with a broad knowledge of the methodology and practical applications.

Leadership Development

Leadership Boot-Camp

These fast-paced interactive workshops are customized to each organization after a thorough needs analysis is performed.

Here are some examples of topics often covered in these series of workshops:

  • Leadership Dynamics (attitude, success mindset, values, work ethic, and more)
  • Self-Responsibility (ownership, excuse making, stepping up as a leader, empowerment, and more)
  • Leadership Excellence (the tenants of a leader, maturity, decision-making, flexibility as a skill, and more)
  • Leadership Communication (communication styles, working thru others, flexibility, inspiring change, being heard vs. being right, and more)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Mastering Change

These workshops include exercises, hand-outs, workbooks, and role-plays.   We work thru zero-based thinking (big picture, adapting, future/forward facing decisions), and simplification (dealing with overwhelm effectively).   There are take-home readings for follow up and retention to create sustained behavioral change.

Personal Productivity

21st Century Personal Productivity 

Personal productivity practices from the 20th century can hinder your success in today’s world where there is more competition in your field than ever before.  Life is fast-paced and the speed of change is accelerating every day.  No skill is more closely correlated to success in business and in life than the ability to manage your time well.

Participants in this program learn about:

  • What makes personal productivity in the 21st century unique
  • Setting priorities:  Urgent vs. Important
  • Maximizing task completion
  • Multitasking
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Delegating effectively
  • Project planning

This workshop includes exercises, hand-outs, workbooks, and role-plays.   There are take-home readings for follow up and retention to create sustained behavioral change.

Facilitation and Executive Retreats

We are happy to create custom workshops ideal for your Board & Executive Retreats.  We also have extensive experience facilitating mastermind groups, peer-advisory groups, and team building exercises.



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