Backed by nearly 70 years of science, Predictive Index is driven by people data. When business leaders measure people data, they’re empowered to make objective decisions rather than subjective ones. While it’s true that people are complex, that’s no excuse to just accept the status quo. With the right people data in hand, Predictive Index reveals the way people behave and interact in organizations is in fact predictable given the business context.

Predictive Index is a web-based solution that allows you to collect, analyze, and apply predictive data to your most critical business challenges on demand. We also offer robust integrations to industry-leading human resource information systems (HRIS) and applicant tracking systems (ATS) to automate the process of applying workforce analytics more easily.

The Predictive Index Solution is not just an assessment; it is part of a philosophy that changes how companies think about talent.


  • Attract, Hire, & Select Best-Fit Candidates
  • Retain Top Talent
  • Build Employee Engagement
  • Strengthen Teams & Culture
  • Leverage Organizational Effectiveness
  • Increase Productivity & Job Satisfaction
  • Discover & Develop High-Potential Leaders
  • Resolve Conflict
  • Manage Change
  • Cultivate & Empower Successful Managers
  • Design & Achieve Effective Re-Organizations
  • Navigate Successful Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Execute Succession Planning
  • Optimize Exit Strategies
People-related issues can tear at the fabric of a company, eating away at even the most solid foundation built on the best products or services. On the talent acquisition front, making a bad hire can cost you through potential earnings, replacement costs, ineffectiveness, or worse, as a drain on morale. From a management perspective, ineffective leadership can result in stagnant growth, bungled initiatives, and even corporate collapse. Attrition, team dysfunction, failed acquisitions or strategic initiatives, and lack of productivity are all directly attributable to lack of leadership, mismanagement of people, and/or not putting the right people in the right roles.

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Talent Optimization

Every good business has a strategy that demands results. What stands between success and failure is in the hands of its people. Talent optimization is a discipline that provides business leaders with a framework and tools to design culture, roles, and teams that maximize business results.


The ability to hire well sets the stage for future organizational success. Defining the roles an organization needs and matching the right person to the requirements of the job boosts the opportunity for success.


When leaders understand their employees, and employees understand each other, they are equipped to minimize conflict, reduce organizational toxicity, and communicate more effectively, letting distractions get out of the way of results.


Businesses can’t just put a random assortment of people together on a team and hope for the best. To achieve the best outcome, an organization must leverage people data to deliberately design its approach to leadership, culture, and team dynamics.


The insights uncovered by diagnosing the root cause of an organization’s people problems, help to optimize how they design their people strategy, hire purposefully and inspire effectively to drive an engaged workforce that produces results.



The Predictive Index continuously conducts research ensuring their assessments are work-related, free of bias, valid, and reliable. All assessments were created in accordance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Guidelines, as well as the professional standards established by the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Society of Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SIOP).


The Predictive Index was founded in 1952 as an early player in the field of workforce analytics. There are over 8,500 clients around the world. PI is available in over 80 languages. More than 35 million people have taken the assessment, 3 million in the last year.


Our approach integrates data, knowledge transfer, expertise, and technology, creating subject matter experts within your organization, delivering insights and tools that you can use to make a difference.


All our solutions add value regardless of industry or company size. The Predictive Index can be used in hiring/talent acquisition, talent development, change management, talent optimization and leadership development, as well as growth strategies.


All assessments are easy to complete and take approximately 6-12 minutes. Results are presented in a visual format with written reports available, as well, enabling immediate interpretation of results.


Pricing is based on a simple annual subscription, making it extremely flexible and highly cost-effective. Clients enjoy unlimited use of the assessment without the complexity of cost-per-click models.


Nast Partners advance your company’s analytical capabilities and provide actionable insights that help you make better decisions faster.