The Secret Power of Analytics

I got a Fitbit over the holidays.  I’m athletic.  I’m disciplined.  I run, lift weights, play tennis, and eat well.  I played football in college.  I’ve run several marathons.  I used to kick-box.  I’m healthy and I thought it would be helpful to see more data.


The Fitbit app on my phone is where the rubber meets the road in terms of the analytics.  It tracks the steps I take, the stairs I climb, the miles I walk and run, the minutes I exercise, my current and resting heart rate, the water I drink, the quality of my sleep, and the calories I take in and burn out.


What I have learned this past month from the analytics is that no matter how much you already know there’s always more you can learn.  For example, I have a healthy low resting heart rate.  My body-fat % is pretty good.  And I burn a lot of calories sitting still.


I also learned that I sit still too often, don’t get enough sleep, don’t walk enough, and don’t drink enough water.  What has also been enlightening (and shocking at times) is the number of calories in some of the foods I enjoy.  Who knew that chicken parmigiana had 1400 calories?!?  (Apparently, everyone but me…)


All of this got me thinking about my clients, their companies, and the services I provide.  I deliver scientifically validated workforce analytics to teach them how to predict the performance of their employees.  And the awareness created by those analytics drives them to improve, change, and grow.


When I walk a leader through the Group Analytics of their team, their response to what I show them often makes me feel like a fortune tellerMy crystal ball (or Fitbit, in this analogy) is The Predictive Index (PI).


I’m able to teach them how their people make decisions, what motivates them, what’s driving their observable behavior, how they receive information, and how quickly they can learn and adapt to change.


And like my Fitbit phone app, it’s easy to use.  The assessments take 6-12 minutes, and produce analytics that are instantly accessible to be utilized to create change, predict performance, identify blind-spots, prevent problems, and immediately impact ROI.


The Predictive Index Solution is a technology platform and management tool comprised of a suite of assessments.  Much like the Fitbit, there is the benchmarking tool (known as the Job Assessment) as well as the Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments.


Together, they provide comprehensive data that is scientifically valid and reliable, EEOC-compliant, legally-defensible, and objective.  It’s designed for the workplace in any industry, any function, and any job, and it’s available in over 70 languages.


And like the Fitbit that I wear every day, PI constantly monitors the organization.  It’s affordable and offers subscription-based pricing to ensure that it gets utilized from the CEO to the Summer-Intern.  What good are analytics if they are incomplete and don’t encompass the entire organization?


Analytics are powerful and create awareness.  And awareness creates healthy change.