Change Management

Change happensNew products, markets, technologies, and trends emerge.  Mergers, acquisitions, new regimes, and new directions take over.  We’ve discussed mastering change and how best to respond and prepare as an individual.  But how can we prepare an entire organization to respond?


It all starts with understanding the individuals in your organization.  If you can identify what drives their behavior you can de-code the human and ultimately predict the performance and response of your employees.


We’ve discussed using The Predictive Index © (PI) to improve engagement, efficiency, performance, and productivity.  If you map your organization’s functions and positions to have accurate knowledge of what is required to succeed, you can predict performance, response to change, and prevent problems from emerging.


Preparation and prevention are why scientists mapped the human genome.  With certain genetic markers identified, you can prevent bad things from happening.  If you map your company’s genome with PI, you can achieve a similar degree of preparation and position your company to not just survive but thrive during times of change.


I work with a company that recently went through a regime-change.  The founder retired.  He was an endearing maverick who made most decisions based on his intuition.  He launched the company into new markets and cared more about top-line revenue than bottom line profits.


The new CEO answers to a board and, by extension, their stock holders.  He inherited a company with policies and procedures that have quickly become obsolete amongst their competition.  The organization needs to develop new products, embrace new technologies and service models, and protect margins to ensure profitability.


Obviously, the performance requirements of his leadership team have changed with the new regime, even with the same individuals on that team.


Knowing what drives the behaviors of his team measured against the new performance requirements for each individual role, helped him respond quickly and effectively changed the trajectory of the organization.


Once you map the genome of your company by establishing a Job Profile (or PRO- Performance Requirement Options) for each and every position via the PI Job Assessment ©, you can match any individual’s PI to any position.


You can coach and train existing employees according to the match of what drives their behavior (PI) to the established performance requirements (the PRO), which is crucial to hit maximum velocity during times of change.  It’s also vital when promoting people into new roles within the company.


Adding new talent can accelerate your ability to grow and respond during times of change.  You can make better hiring and talent decisions by administering PI during the new employee selection process and matching those results to the defined PRO.


Utilizing a blend of science, technology, and knowledge transfer helps you predict how your employees respond to change, and ultimately helps you succeed.